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Ethical Hacking

  • Ethical Hacking is the process of intentionally penetrating a computer system or network to discover possible breaches in it. Ethical hacking is done to eliminate all the vulnerabilities in the systems so that real hackers are not able to hack them. The company which owns the device or network requires Ethical Hackers to conduct these activities to test the defenses of their devices. Ethical hacking courses are available as certificate, diploma, UG, PG, and PhD courses. EC-Council and GIAC are the 2 most important professional bodies for ethical hacking certification across the globe. After completing ethical hacking courses, candidates get to work in job roles like Network Security Systems Manager, Forensic Computer Investigator, Network Security Administrator, Security Investigator, Computer Security Administrator, Web Security Manager, etc

  • Category: Information Technology
  • Provider: Knowit Education
  • Modules: 10

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