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Planning your course is the first step in your course creation journey.

Decide the topic you want to teach. You probably have an idea of what you want to teach, and now it's time to get really specific. Identify what you want your users to learn from your course. Determining this now will go a long way in helping you create a great course structure.

  • Organise your course content to ensure that there is enough content for users to engage with and achieve their objectives. This is also where you think through how you want to organize your content. Be sure to conclude each section with either a quiz or a summary to sum up what users have learned.

Video has become the natural learning medium for most of students now.

Teaching effectively online demands extra attention different from in-class instruction. An expert online instructor not only to keep students engaged throughout the duration of the course, but is also flexible, personalized, and actively learning.

Focus more on teaching.

  • With KnowIt partner program, you can now focus on teaching and interacting with students more and less on editing, publishing and stucturing your videos. KnowIt opens new possibilities to re-create tradition teaching experience with KnowIT teacher partner program where your video will be edited by us for you.

Ready to teach!

Once your videos are reviewed by our academic team, you are ready to teach. KnowIt content production team ensures that your video quality is excellent, to the point and visually appealing.

  • We have in-house team that helps you ensures your course is ready for publishing. Knowit extends support to crafting a content rich summary, adding course images and even adding subtitles.
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