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Once you are certified, KnowIt Placement Cell will guide you in your journey to your dream job.

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KnowIt E-Learning Platform is designed to help you learn the course of your choice at your own pace. From selecting a course till attaining the certification, the entire experience was designed with your convenience in mind

Dedicated Teachers at your fingertips

Experienced and highly qualified individuals are assigned as dedicated teachers and mentors for each course, module or unit so that

  • You always have someone to clear your doubts and queries
  • Each topic is covered properly from an industry-first hands-on point of view
  • Want to join as a teacher yourself? You can join us as a teacher in the course of your choice.

    Simply email us at
    to apply as a teacher and teach on the app yourself.

You control your progress

You are in control of the pace here. You get to choose which course to pursue, how much time to allocate to covering topics, and even picking offline exam dates.

From picking the course to finally attending the exam and attaining the certification, you choose your pace. Just remember to follow it earnestly.

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The app allows you to register for offline/online official certification exams of each courses from the course page itself. Thereby even allowing you to fast-track your way into an exam.